An American wine term, Fumé Blanc is synonymous with the wine varietal Sauvignon Blanc.

The name was first coined in 1968 by winemaker Robert Mondavi, who made Sauvignon Blanc inspired by a Pouilly-Fumé he’d tasted from France’s Loire Valley. Looking to differentiate his wine from the sweet-style Sauvignon Blancs in the US, Mondavi changed the name on his label. Rather than copyrighting the name, Mondavi allowed anyone to use Fumé Blanc to market dry-style Sauvignon Blanc.

Fumé Blanc, which often has notes of tart fruit, pairs well with creamy cheeses and fish, and is best drunk young.

Fumé Blanc is produced by a limited number of California wineries, including Castoro Cellars in Templeton and Roblar in Santa Ynez.

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