Green Valley

Green Valley’s well-drained soils, coupled with warm days and nights chilled by maritime fog, yield grapes with excellent structure, high acid and lush fruit flavors.

Sonoma County’s picturesque Green Valley is a small slice of land in the southwestern part of the Russian River Valley appellation. On its undulating hills, modest vineyards, farmhouses and weathered barns nestle in a lush forest of redwoods.

The quest to create a Green Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) within the Russian River AVA was led by Audrey and Barry Sterling of Iron Horse Vineyards, based on the belief that the much foggier, cooler Green Valley has a climate distinct from that of the rest of the Russian River region. Since its approval in 1983, dedicated growers and passionate winemakers have proven this area to be the ideal place in which to craft classic Burgundian wines.

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