Foxen Canyon Wine Trail


The Foxen Canyon Wine Trail is home to some of the most accomplished winemakers in California, where you will find a diverse selection of world class wines.

The South of the trail is dominated by full bodied Rhone style wines where the inland climate is much warmer and where you will find syrah, grenache, and viognier. In the North, the Burgundy styles are more readily available, where the cooler maritime influence creates a climate perfect for pinot noir and chardonnay.

This is however, California, and that means a greater diversity of other varietals such as sauvignon blanc, negrette, sylvaner, sangiovese, cabernet franc can also be found on the tasting lists.

The Foxen Canyon Wine Trail Association is represented by all of the wineries with a focus on quality. Knowledgable staff, a relaxed, yet professional atmosphere as well as stunning scenery add to the complete experience. Bring a picnic lunch (or dinner) and spend the day learning more about what makes this region unique.

Throughout the year numerous events are held in this area of Santa Barbara County including Trail Association events.

Participating wineries:

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