101 sign in Santa Barbara

March 9, 2019 Saturday morning we hopped on the 101 and headed up to the Santa Ynez Valley for another day of wine tasting. With the dogs along for the ride, we were driving to Gainey Vineyard for an 11am appointment in the members’ tasting lounge.  Gainey Vineyard Upon arrival we encountered many more cars on the property than we’re used to. We soon learned that the crowd was there for an event, “An Education in Mushroom Foraging.” Thirty fungi lovers had gathered for four hours adventure including mushroom foraging techniques and a mushroom and wine pairing with a mycologist (fungi scientist), Gainey’s winemaker andRead More →

Our first stop of the trip, Gainey Vineyard, on Hwy. 246, just east of the town of Santa Ynez. It’s an old favorite, I’ve been a member for years. The wines are very good but it’s the tasting room that really gets my attention. It’s dark and cavernous with pretzels and dips set out among the barrels. I like to take my glass and walk away from the bar and savor the wine unhurried.  At the back is the Cellar Club for members.  For me it’s all about the Chardonnay. While Gainey’s Chards are always drinkable, they have changed with evolving  trends. Ten years agoRead More →