Scenic Valley Ranch Vineyards

Featuring a rare old vine varietal.

Ramona CA: Scenic Valley Ranch Vineyards announces the opening of its Tasting Patio May 28-30th 11-6pm. Located in the beautiful Ballena Valley of Ramona Ca, Scenic Valley Ranch offers vineyard views as well as views of Whale and Witch Creek Mountains. 

A very unique aspect of our winery is the old vine varietal Flame Tokay. This planting dates back to the 1930’s when this varietal was widely propagated in California. Despite having the appearance of a table grape, Flame Tokay is Vitis Vinifera meaning a grape used in wine production. This varietal has become very rare now and only a very few wineries in California source and produce wine from the “ancient vine”. Scenic Valley Ranch offers a still wine made from this varietal as well as a fortified wine that is valued at $100 per bottle. “An Old Flame” is our Flame Tokay which was fermented to dry, fortified with Brandy, and aged in Whiskey barrels. The wine has a similar taste profile of a Sherry wine 

Other grapes planted on the estate include the Bordeaux varietals of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec, and Petit Verdot. Petite Sirah and Albariño,  which is a white wine varietal, are also found on the estate.

Scenic Valley Ranch welcomes all who will join us Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Memorial Day weekend. There after, the Tasting Patio will be open on Saturdays only 11-6pm.