Refosco grapes

Refosco is a very old family of dark-skinned grape varieties native to the Venetian zone and neighboring areas of Friuli, Gavi, Trentino, Istria, and Karst Plateau. It is considered indigenous in these regions.

The wines this grape yields can be quite powerful and tannic, with a deep violet color and a slight bitterness. On the palate, there are strong currant, wild berry and plum flavors. The wine can stand some aging (depending on variety), and after a period of four-to-ten years, it achieves a floral quality as well. Refosco should be served at 60.8 °F, or if it is particularly rich in tannin, at 64.4 °F. It goes best with charcuterie, game, and grilled poultry.
– Wikipedia