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See How One Company Is Changing How You Buy Wine

Napa, CA – May 28, 2019 – We’ve all had that dreaded moment, shopping for a dinner party and standing in front of a never-ending wall of wines. So many pretty and unique labels, yet so little distinguishes each bottle from another. Napa based Tasting Merchants, an online wine retailer, is on a mission to change how you shop for wine.

Instead of buying based on labels or scores, Tasting Merchants has created an online “farmer’s market” to showcase America’s best small-batch wines and foster a deeper connection between winemaker and consumer. “The rise in local farmer’s markets shows that consumers care about where their products come from, how they are grown and that consumers want to support local craft producers. With Tasting Merchants, we have created the same model, but sell wine not vegetables,” says founder Simon Solis-Cohen.

The Tasting Merchants website features a rotating collection of American winemakers who produce small-batch wines, anywhere from 50-2,500 cases annually. Shopper have the chance to get to know the vintners through photos and video, learn what the wines will taste like with visual tasting notes, and purchase the wines to be shipped right to their door. Short of visiting each winery yourself, Tasting Merchants provides a comprehensive and fun way to learn about the wines before you purchase them. For those still having trouble deciding, they offer an easy online chat feature so you can get personalized recommendations based on your tastes or what you are serving for dinner.

Each bottle is carefully curated and tasted by a panel of industry veterans and everyday wine lovers to ensure it is absolutely delicious. “It is important that we are a destination for all wine lovers. We work hard to offer selections for different budgets and level of wine aptitude. Our goal is to make buying wine online accessible and fun, while connecting with wine buyers on a personal level instead of hiding behind scores and ratings.”

Many of the wines featured on the site have extremely limited quantities available and sell out quickly. Being small-batch, there is only so much to go around. Wineries love working with Tasting Merchants because it gives them the opportunity to expose their brand to new markets. Winemaker Gretchen Voelcker, owner of Luna Hart Wines, explains, “I only produce 50 cases of my Cabernet Franc annually and I typically sell it locally here in Buellton, California. With Tasting Merchants, I get to tell my story and have my wine shipped all over the country.”

Tasting Merchants is the perfect place to shop for wine if you are looking for the best new winemakers, want to support local American owned wineries, and want a shopping experience tailored to any level of wine drinker. Their team of wine industry veterans has done all the research and legwork to provide an impressive collection of small-batch wines all in one place. Visit www.tastingmerchants.com to discover the farmer’s market of wine and support American craft winemakers.