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Nationwide philanthropic program helps bring food to neighbors in need this holiday season

St. Helena, CA – Today Joel Gott Wines announced ‘Gott for Good’ – a philanthropic program that helps provide meals for families in need this holiday season. The wine brand partnered with local food banks for this Nov. 1 – Dec. 31 giving initiative, through which Joel Gott Wines will donate to 24 food banks across the country within the first year of the program. Expected to help provide more than 600,000 meals for those in need, the Gott for Good program is core to Joel Gott’s values as a fourth-generation vintner with a legacy of giving within his hometown of St. Helena and the broader Bay Area community.

“I strongly believe that every family deserves food on the holiday table,” said Joel Gott, proprietor of Joel Gott Wines. “This giving initiative is a natural extension of the work that we do for our wine brand as well as Gott’s restaurants – both ventures which strive to bring friends and families together around a table. We are thrilled to continue this work at the community level, on a nationwide scale.”

Driving the initiative are the immense food insecurity realities that Americans are presently facing:

  • 1 in 9 Americans struggle to put food on their table every day, disproportionately affecting vulnerable groups such as children and seniors
  • Food is often the first expense sacrificed when facing the difficult decision of having to pay for other expenses such as utilities, education and healthcare; 69 percent have had to choose between paying for utilities and food and 66 percent have had to choose between paying for medical care and food
  • 100 percent of communities have food insecure households

The Gott for Good program will provide local aid to Sonoma County’s Redwood Empire Food Bank plus 23 food banks nationwide during its inaugural year. To learn more about Joel Gott Wines, please visit