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NAPA, Calif., Nov. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CellarTracker!, the most widely used wine cellar tracking software, has launched new technology that accelerates the process of bringing rare wine collections to market. In a few clicks through the new platform, cellar owners around the world can now designate collectible wines for sale in record time. All 568,000 CellarTracker! users will find this new feature in their account which allows them to generate a list of their collectible wines. Sellers then receive a top quote from Benchmark Wine Group, the leading rare wine reseller in the U.S.

“Unlike estimates from auction houses, this quote will be a firm offer for the wine in excellent condition, and generally will be higher than a seller would receive from an auction house or other legally licensed buyer of rare wine,” said Benchmark CEO David Parker.

Both companies have founders united in their tech backgrounds and passion for fine wines. Coming from a longstanding career with Microsoft, CellarTracker! originally began as a hobby for owner Eric LeVine in 2003. While he built CellarTracker! for himself, LeVine quickly realized the benefit the platform could provide likeminded collectors.

As an avid wine collector and winery owner, David Parker founded Benchmark Wine Group after a successful history of tech ventures. With this endeavor, Parker succeeded in bridging the gap between fine wine producers, well-informed collectors, and connoisseurs.

An essential feature of the new partnership integrates the services of The Wine Market Journal, considered to be the world’s top wine auction valuation site. Also owned by David Parker, The Wine Market Journal is used by most auction houses, rare wine retailers and serious wine collectors. The subscription-based service provides actual trade values and global trends of rare wines.

“I approached Benchmark Wine Group to partner with CellarTracker! on this program because of their extensive background buying and marketing cellars of all sizes, as well as their excellent reputation for fast, hassle-free transactions at top prices. I have sold some of my own wine with Benchmark and found them a pleasure to work with. Additionally, I have utilized The Wine Market Journal for almost a decade and have only had great experiences with their accuracy and abilities,” replied Eric LeVine.

This partnership also streamlines and facilitates the function of thinning extensive collections and creating a marketplace for interested parties. Those not yet using CellarTracker! can have their cellar list easily converted to the platform. For substantial collections, Benchmark can provide immediate payment, send a team to pack-up and cover transportation. Since Benchmark is a licensed U.S. distributor and retailer, all transactions are legally compliant.

Even customers who are not ready to sell can submit a list of wines to Benchmark and ask to be notified by Benchmark in the future about selling opportunities.

“While Benchmark has the broadest inventory of rare wine in the country, with about 10,000 different wines in stock at any given time, buyers are often looking for something very special and rare. This allows us to notify the owners of those bottles directly, often getting a premium price while satisfying one of our collectors,” said Parker.