L’Adventure Winery

L’Aventure winery reflects Stephan Asseo’s commitment to excellence. All of the equipment is state of the art, a perfect blend between technology and tradition.
At harvest, the grapes are manually sorted to eliminate leaves, vegetable parts, unripe clusters and dry berries. The red varietals are 100% de-stemmed and carried to the tank via conveyor belt. Various small tanks are used to respect the source of each lot throughout vinification. A thermostat is used on each tank to maintain as close as possible the perfect temperature. The cold control is used for pre-maceration to develop more fruit characteristics, the hot for fermentation and post-maceration to obtain elegant and stable tannins.
The white varietals are given a light pressing. The juice is then transferred to a stainless steel tank to allow the sediment to drop. Primary and malolactic (if needed) fermentation take place in French oak barrels.
French oak, because of its origin and texture, does not require the same toasting as other oak. Stephan chooses a long, soft and deep toasting, allowing a true respect of the fruit and wine characteristics. This provides rich, soft, stable tannins and subtle vanilla and toast characteristics to the wines. Our barrels come from a variety of master coopers providing a range of barrel profiles which Stephan uses to create subtle and balanced blends. Stephan’s several years working with these professionals helps him in obtaining his ideal combination of barrels from which to create his wines.

Wines/Liquors Produced
Red Blend, Rosé
Vineyard Tours, Winery Tours
By appointment only
Tasting Fee
$20 – $85/pp
2815 Live Oak Road
Paso Robles

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