Gallo Family Vineyards

We all have the family we share blood with and then we have the families we share passions with. Often, like in our family, you share both. In our family this passion is making great wine.

It began when prohibition ended. Ernest & Julio Gallo were traveling the country selling grapes from the family vineyard. What they really wanted to do, however, was start a winery. They borrowed $5,000 from Ernest’s mother-in-law, taught themselves how to make wine by reading books in the local Modesto library and their dream was born.

A lot’s happened in the last 80 years and we’ve learned plenty along the way. Not only about making great wine, but also about what it means to be a family. While many traditions change, our family’s tradition has not and Gallo Family Vineyards is proud to still be family owned. Today, our family has expanded to include four generations of Gallos, as well as a Winery of employees that are now family too.

Whether it’s your family at work, the friends you consider family or the crazy characters you’re related to, we know how special it is to spend time together, enjoying each other and what ties you together. However you define your family, we have great tasting, flavorful wines for you to enjoy with them.

We’re proud of our tradition of making great wine. But most of all, we’re honored to be invited to wherever your family gets together.

Alexander Valley
Wines/Liquors Produced
Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Pinot Noir Sangiovese Syrah Zinfandel Chardonnay Pinot Grigio
Daily 10am - 6pm
320 Center Street

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