Broken Earth Tasting Room Bar Rendering

Paso Robles, CA – Broken Earth Winery will open its doors on the long awaited 23,000 square foot tasting room facility, located on Ramada Drive in Paso Robles, next to Firestone Walker Brewery. The facility comes equipped with multiple conference and trade tasting rooms for the purpose of wine seminars. Broken Earth has teamed up with WSET for monthly courses, where wine enthusiasts can become certified levels 1 through 3. In addition, Broken Earth will host weekly seminars devoted to their sparkling and fortified product lines, and general wine sensory evaluation and technical analysis.

Broken Earth Winery owns one of the oldest vineyards in Paso Robles, “Rancho Tierra Rajada” [Land of the worked Earth]. Planted in 1973 by visionary Herman Schwartz, actors Peter Falk, Jack Webb, James Caan and Wayne Rodgers, much of that history is translated through to the new tasting room facility. Local artisan, Wine Country Craftsman, created the design features from floor to ceiling from repurposed materials such as oak, wine barrels and steel.

The public will be available to view the new facility beginning on Friday May 10th. The grand opening is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend and will feature local Chefs, Krush radio station and the award-winning wines from Broken Earth.

About Broken Earth Winery

Broken Earth, as a brand, was born from the heritage of the vineyard property, originally named “Rancho Tierra Rejada” or land of worked or farmed earth. Farmers for generations have cultivated, ‘broken’ the soil in this region with care and respect. Our goal is also respect for the land and its treasures. Broken Earth Winery encompasses a philosophy to provide wine that reflects the personality of where it is grown and the personality of who hand-crafts its making. For further details, please visit