Austin Harlow Winery, a new winery in Monterey County, California, announced its first wine releases: a line called Mid Life Crisis Wines.

The Mid Life Crisis Wines are luxury, handcrafted wines sold at very competitive prices. The suggested retail price is $19.95 per bottle (in California).

The Mid Life Crisis Wines lineup consists of Monterey County Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay, Monterey County Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir, San Benito County Zinfandel, Lodi Old Vine (planted in 1935) Zinfandel, Lodi Petite Sirah and Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon.

Bill Austin, owner and winemaker, encroaching into the “Mid Life Crisis” age gap and with a budget for fine wines at an affordable price, whimsically created his MID LIFE CRISIS Wines for those people in the same age group, as well as for those who will soon be in that age group. Carefully sourced from some of the finest vineyards in California, his concept was to create wonderful tasting handcrafted wines at an  affordable price in order to be enjoyed every night. Plus the dynamic name and label make for a playful conversation. All the wines are patiently aged in small oak barrels and bottle aged several months prior to release.

For more information, contact Bill Austin, owner and winemaker of Mid Life Crisis Wines, at (831) 901-4081 or midlifecrisiswines@att.net